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Legal Information

Physicians Casualty Risk Retention Group is a medical malpractice insurance company that provides quality products at sensible prices for medical doctors and their practices.

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Over the past two decades Physicians Casualty Risk Retention Group have become frustrated with insurance companies that do not offer insureds the opportunity to participate in cost controls or participate in financial rewards. Physicians Casualty Risk Retention Group offers doctors various coverage options, contemporary risk management, and opportunities to share in financial profits. Whether you are a single physician practice or a multi-physician medical group, Physicians Casualty Risk Retention Group offers many insurance options for consideration.

Medical practitioners who seek to lower their cost for medical malpractice insurance will find several funding options available at Physicians Casualty Risk Retention Group. Coverage deductibles are available from $1,000 up to $100,000 and, of course, premium rates drop as deductibles increase. However, legal defense coverage has no deductible, regardless of the amount. Legal defense coverage is available for medical malpractice claims, threats, and Dept. of Health complaints – no deductible for stated coverage. Larger medical groups have an opportunity to develop their own small captive insurance company that can reinsure a layer of risk from Physicians Casualty Risk Retention Group and therefore, create a profit center. All profits from the captive insurance company (CIC) belong to the owners of the CIC. This coverage option has many benefits; for example, and if structured properly, deductible dollars go into the CIC, accumulate under favorable tax laws, and are later distributed at current dividend tax rates of 15%.

Thus, Physicians Casualty Risk Retention Group offers sensible medical malpractice insurance options whether you are a single medical practitioner or a large member medical group or medical clinic.

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