Physicians Casualty Risk Retention Group is a professional liability Insurance Company that write’s medical malpractice insurance through our network of expert insurance agents. Physicians Casualty is currently authorized to write medical malpractice in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. Physicians Casualty has reinsurance through AM Best Rated “A” reinsurance companies. Physicians Casualty Risk Retention Group offers annual risk management to all of our insureds.


Captive Insurance 

Larger medical group practices may develop a Captive Insurance Company (CIC) in order to share in underwriting profits. Physicians Casualty has a program to accommodate this risk-sharing option. In many instances, a CIC could return up to a 40% return on gross written premium, subject to favorable loss development for minimal risk. In this manner, Physicians Casualty would insure the risk(s) as the registered insurer in the US and “pass” captive retained risk to the physician owned CIC that would be domiciled offshore.


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